The journal of the ANZLHS is law&history.

ISSN: 2207-4325

law&history is a fully refereed journal, of original research and contribution to scholarship. The Editor welcomes submissions on any law and history-related topic but is particularly keen to publish material on Australia New Zealand and the Pacific and expects to receive papers presented at the annual Australia and New Zealand Law and History conference for consideration. At all times the journal will maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Articles undergo a rigorous double-blind reviewing process. We do not publish unsolicited book reviews. The final decision to publish rests with the Editor. We ask that papers conform to the Style Guide, have an abstract attached and be sent directly to the Editor.

Subscription: email: for hardcopy. Cost AUD50 pa / NZD 55 pa (two editions per year). The journal also can be accessed from late August 2016 via Heinonline (Law Library Journal Database) and INFORMIT (Business and NZ package).

A paper published by the journal in 2018 has won a History NSW award.  For details, see our News page.

Submit to law&history

Editoral Committee and International Advisory Board

Style Guide law&history

Contents: Past and current editions:

[2018] 5:1 law&history General Issue

[2017] 4:2 law&history Special Issue: Gender, Intimacy, and Colonial Violence

[2017] 4:1 law&history General Issue

[2016] 3 law&history General Issue

[2015] 2 law&history Special Issue: Gender and Intersections

[2014] 1 law&history General Issue

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