The Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society was formed in 1993. The society grew out of the annual Law in History Conferences, which have been running since 1982. 

It is an interdisciplinary group of scholars who share an interest in the connections between law and history. Members of the society include historians, lawyers, academics and others interested in the area.  Most of the members live in Australia or New Zealand, but their areas of interest are not confined to the law in those places.

The society is an incorporated association in New South Wales. Inc no. 1600224

The current Executive is:

  • President: Prue Vines (UNSW) p.vines@unsw.edu.au
  • Vice-President: Amanda Nettelbeck (UAdel) amanda.nettelbeck@adelaide.edu.au
  • Secretary: Isabella Alexander (UTS) isabella.alexander@uts.edu.au
  • Treasurer (Australia): Sue Milne (UniSA) sue.milne@unisa.edu.au
  • Treasurer (New Zealand): Katherine Sanders (UAuck) 
  • Editors law&history: Lisa Featherstone (UQ) l.featherstone@uq.edu.au & Andy Kaladelfos (UNSW) a.kaladelfos@unsw.edu.au
  • Editor-in-Chief law&history: Diane Kirkby (UTS) diane.kirkby@uts.edu.au
  • Website Manager: Alana Piper (UTS) alana.piper@uts.edu.au
  • ECR Representative: Georgina Rychner (Monash) georgina.rychner@monash.edu
  • 2020 Conference Organiser: David Williams (University of Auckland) dv.williams@auckland.ac.nz
  • Immediate Past President: Libby Connors (USQ) libby.connors@usq.edu.au


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