PhD opportunity in Legal History/Intellectual Property Law/Art History

An exciting new PhD opportunity is available at the University of Technology Sydney. A scholarship ($28,594 per annum for 3 years) is available for a PhD candidate interested in Intellectual Property Law, Legal History, Art History, Digital Humanities or any combination of the above. The candidate will be part of an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant Team working on the project Hacking Copyright in the 21st Century: Art, Law, History & Technology. The team will be investigating the tensions that underlie the legal treatment of visual works of art. It will generate software and scholarship that trace the relationship between technology and visual copyright from the 18th century to contemporary regulation of the dissemination of digital image data via digital publishing platforms.

Within the context of the project, doctoral research may investigate topics such as:

• How does copyright law influence the creation of art and the artist as a legal subject?

• How has the digital age transformed traditional relationships between creators of art, collecting institutions and the public?

• Developing software to investigate historical circulation and re-use of imagery in a digital humanities context

Further information can be found here.

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