News from the society’s 2018 AGM

One of the enjoyable parts of our AGMs is the announcement of our annual and biennial prizes.  This year our congratulations go to Shaunnagh Dorsett whose book Juridical Encounters won the 2018 Legal History prize.

Congratulations also to Penny Edmonds who won the inaugural TRACE award for an article published in law&history.

You can read about both these awards and the judges commendations on our Prizes and Scholarship page.

We now have a new president, Prue Vines (UNSW) and vice-president, Amanda Nettelbeck (UAdelaide).  Details of the 2018-19 executive and contact details are available on the About page.

About anzlhswebsite

The Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society was formed in 1993. It is an interdisciplinary group of scholars who share an interest in the connections between law and history. The society grew out of the annual Law in History Conferences, which have been running since 1982. Members of the society include historians, lawyers, academics and others interested in the area. Most of the members live in Australia or New Zealand, but their areas of interest are not confined to the law in those places. The society is an incorporated association in New South Wales. Inc no. 1600224
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