Journal Personnel

Editoral Committee:

Editors: Lisa Featherstone & Andy Kaladelfos

General Editor: Diane Kirkby

Book Review Editors: Alecia Simmonds & Eugene Schofield-Georgeson

Committee Members: Richard Boast‎, Ann Curthoys & Wilfrid Prest

International Advisory Board:

Constance Backhouse (Ottawa)‎

Guy Charlton (Hong Kong)‎

Stuart Banner (UCLA)

Bettina Bradbury (York)

Catharine Coleborne (Newcastle)

Libby Connors (Southern Queensland)‎

Shaunnagh Dorsett (UTS)

Laura Edwards (Duke)

Jeremy Finn (Canterbury)‎

Mark Finnane (Griffith)‎

Philip Girard (Osgoode)

Paul McHugh (Cambridge)

John McLaren (Victoria)

Grant Morris (Victoria University of Wellington)

Amanda Nettelbeck (Adelaide)

John Orth (North Carolina)‎

Stefan Petrow (Tasmania)‎

Wilfrid Prest (Adelaide)

Jacinta Ruru (Otago)

Christopher Tomlins (UCBerkeley)

David V. Williams (Auckland)

1 Response to Journal Personnel

  1. Wilfrid Prest says:

    Hi – just noting that I am an -id, not an -ed, as the above listing mistakenly has me, twice, but differently!



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